Improving the health
and safety of horse,
rider, handler,
and visitor. 

Disinfexstall Equine Chemistry Keeping Horse, Rider, Handler, and Visitor Safe. 


Disinfexstall Guards Equine Health

Disinfexstall Equine Chemistry is your guardian against a wide range of pathogens that can place your horse’s health at risk. Disinfexstall stall treatment is extremely easy to apply where the horse lives, boards, or visits.

In 90 seconds, a Disinfexstall portable spraying system can coat a 12 X 12 stall. Disinfexstall is also applied to horse trailers and ramps, wash and shower areas, tack and stable.

Disinfexstall Synthesizes Chemistry in Your Horse’s Blood.

Disinfexstall is manufactured using its own advanced chemistry generation systems that produce a disinfectant with high safety and efficacy.

Our chemical manufacturing process synthesizes the same disinfecting chemistry that humans and horses generate in their blood. The result is an extremely safe and compatible disinfectant.

Safe and Very Powerful.

The active ingredient in Disinfexstall chemistry, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), is approved by the USDA, EPA, CDC and FDA, hospitals and by veterinarians.

In addition to horse related pathogens, HOCl kills Covid-19, SARS, MRSA and a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi, protecting both horses and humans.

See Efficacy for a more detailed list of pathogens Disinfexstall addresses.

Industry Leading Assurance Program.

Our unique production process delivers a stable chemistry and places us in an elite position — we provide an industry-leading one- year, no questions asked assurance program. Our goal is to ensure better health for your horse, riders and visitors.

Disinfexstall’s Many Benefits.

• Ideal for visitor waiting areas and guest facilities.

• Cleans and sanitizes boots and shoes after leaving stall, trailer or stable.

Disposal – Sustainable, Safe, and Green.

Disinfexstall is ultra-sustainable, green, and safe. Even during disposal, it sanitizes and protects. The EPA approves disposal by simply pouring unused Disinfexstall on the ground, stable floor, or down the drain.

We do not recommend pouring Disinfexstall in a drain that goes to a septic system. See the Disinfexstall Safety and Efficacy Sheet for more details.


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